GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) Consulting

Internal Transparency -> Plan -> Implementation.

Data Protection Consulting Package for small and medium sized Enterprises

Our GDPR consulting package helps you find out where you are today, identify risks, define priorities and outline a step-by-step plan to comply with European Data Protection regulations. First things first: Company internal Transparency.

  • How does the new regulation affect you? Getting a "signature from your customers" is only part of the story. The new GDPR regulation is mainly about high quality process, and data documentation.
  • Where is your data protection relevant data? In your company? In the cloud? Distributed in 100 spreadsheets? Who's responsible to maintain the relevant data, and ensure it is correctly, and timely updated?
  • What about IT security? Do you have an SSL secure Website? Is it important for your company to encrypt Email communication? Are you fed up with unreliable spreadsheets, and would like to migrate your data to a small, professional Database Management System?

We help you step by step, starting with a 2-Hour Workshop at your company site. Contact us